Monday, April 13, 2015

Bring On the Summer Reading List!

For me, summer vacation is quickly approaching, and I'm thrilled! I teach middle school kids during the day, so I'm plum tuckered out by year's end. Summer is a time when I pile on the writing AND the reading. I've begun my reading list and can't wait to dive in. Since I write paranormal and suspense, you can imagine my list is going to be chock full of yummy supernatural creatures and psychopaths. But I also LOVE historical romance, so I'll also be digging into my favorite genre- highlander novels! After reading mine, why not tell us YOUR list? Okay, so these days there are thousands in your TBR pile.

****Why not give us your TOP 5 books to read this summer?

My Summer Reading List


Nora Roberts - The Liar
Karen Robards- The Last Kiss Goodbye
Linda Howard- Against the Rules
Elizabeth Lowell- Perfect Touch
Jayne Ann Krentz- Trust No One

Sherrilyn Kenyon- Styxx and Son of No One
Kresley Cole- Dark Skye
Christine Feehan- Dark Ghost and Air Bound

Hannah Howell- Highland Protector, Highland Master, and Highland Guard

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