Tuesday, October 29, 2013

There's an Epidemic....and ADOPTION is the CURE!!

There’s an Epidemic…..and ADOPTION is the CURE!

I’m sure most of you have read or saw a new clip regarding the fifteen year old boy in Florida, Davion Only. With the help of his church family he sent out a plea to the public for a family.   The link below has Davion’s story, and his is just one of many stories that is near and dear to my heart.

It wasn’t until our own research into adoption, that we began to realize the epidemic that was plaguing our foster care systems.  Children, mostly five years and older, being left in the foster care system until they are eighteen years old. Some deemed behaviorally challenged, some medically and sadly some were deemed unadoptable based solely on their age.  It doesn’t mean they were less lovable, but they couldn’t provide a new parent with the adorable banter of a toddler or the innocence of an infant.  I’ve been a parent long enough to know…if you’re in it for the positive feedback from your children, then you’ll be waiting a long time.  It's a rewarding, but thankless job that will go unnoticed by your kids until they are in their thirties :)

When my husband and I married in May of 1999, we decided that we wanted a son. We also decided that we wanted an infant, but as I went through link after link on the internet I became horrified! Horrified by the fact that the foster care systems were overrun by older children that may never achieve the dream of having a lifetime of support from a forever family.  Statistically, it is African-American boys that sit at the top of this list. Once we became aware, it was a no brainer…white, back or purple…we wanted a son.

We adopted our oldest son, Michael from the State of New Jersey when he was five and half years old in May of 2002. Our second son, Isaiah followed in July 2004 at 4 days old from Illinois. The age gap was big between Michael and Isaiah, so we decided to adopt another boy in between the pair.  What we ended up with was a sibling group of three brothers, lovingly known as “The Three D’s”.  Dejon was nearly eight years old, Devan was six years old and DeAnthony had just turned five years old when they came to us from Missouri in June of 2006.  With five boys, we were very sure that our family was complete. My husband had his basketball team!!! However, things changed on March 29, 2007, only three months after finalizing our last adoption. We received a phone call that our son Isaiah’s, birthmother had just given birth to another boy and wanted to know if we wanted to adopt him. My suitcase was packed before I hung up!  We picked Julius up at 4 days old in Illinois on April 2, 2007.
Yes, six boys!!!  When you throw our daughters Jenna 27 and MyKayla 18 into the mix, you come up with 8ZENUFF a.k.a. The Clan!  It is also the title of our blog, homeschool and the vanity plate on the SUV.  You can check us out at:

My Final Thoughts:
Thousands of people have stepped forward in the last few weeks to adopt this amazing young man, but there are thousands of other boys...ALL in a similar situation. They to, want a forever family. Davion can only be matched with one family, but these other callers do not have to end their journey there. Call your own state’s foster care system and consider adopting an older child.  In most cases, they are deemed high needs based on their age alone, if that is the case, the state will pick up the cost of any adoption fees just to ensure these children’s dreams of a family come true!


Monday, October 28, 2013

The ridiculous lengths my wonderful husband will go to give me a fun, enjoyable Halloween.

Over the years, Eric has proved that his love for me has no boundaries.  I love Halloween but I am a big baby on the scary stuff.  I can't do haunted houses or watch most full blown horror movies.  He helps me create a holiday I can enjoy.  Since the birth of our daughter, who is now 5 years old, I have had her to blame for our PG celebrations, but even before that he was catering to my sensibilities.  He has missed a lot of movies he'd like to see because I cannot stomach the gore or tension.  Our yard is all carved pumpkins, tombstones, and cheese-cloth ghosts instead of the 'house under zombie attack' that I know he dreams of.
This year we went to a family friendly haunted hayride.  I expected friendly ghosts and inanimate scenes but instead we were chased by relentless zombies and screamed at for help by a woman caught in a sickening trap.  As an antidote, we went to Yesterland Farms Saturday and Boo at the Zoo (Caldwell in Tyler, TX) on Sunday.  We will watch Shawn of the Dead on Thursday after taking Gwendolyn to the mall for trick-or-treating.
I don't want to embarrass Eric so I won't show you the Man-man costume he wore out to a club when we were dating or the bio suit that had to substitute for the 28 Days Later infected he had in his head.  You'll just have to take my word on it that they were awesome.
This year takes the cake.  Gwendolyn wanted to be a 'spooky but pretty zombie monster with stitches and a pretty dress' like the ones on Monster High.  We don't watch it but we've seen it around enough to know what she was talking about.  Eric and I planned our costumes accordingly.  I think, as a family, we nailed it.

In case you can't see our company name tags - He is Dr. Franklin Stein, a Lab Tech at Reanimax and I am Hulda, his executive Igor.  Most kids didn't get it.  Gwendolyn did because she told everyone she was our creation.

Please understand that, not only did we attend a function dressed this way where other families were equally dressed.  We went to a Mexican seafood restaurant where we were the only ones in costumes AND the only non-Spanish speaking clientele.  The waitress thought our getups were so funny that she invited us to their Dia de los Muertos party.

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

A List For Cold and Flu Season

The cold/flu season is quickly approaching.   Even with the flu shot there are certain things that still manage to find their way into the house.    I spent almost every holiday last year sick.    This year my son seems to be having a run with my luck.   So, I have learned there are some great things to keep handy in your home until the season passes.

I thought I’d share my list of things I like to keep handy this time of year.   It saves me midnight runs to the store or trying to suffer it out until morning.  

  1. Kleenex – allergies, colds, weather changes – there are so many reasons to keep a box of these in the house.
  2. Lysol Wipes – I love these little wipes.   They are great all the time, but especially during the cold/flu season.  I use them to wipe down remotes, door handles, counters, and whatever is within wiping distance when someone is sniffling in my house.
  3. Airborne – We discovered when we swapped influenza around last winter that Airborne did a great job at helping us feel better sooner.   Now, if someone’s sick in the house, the others use it to boost their immune system.   The sick family member can use it to help how they feel and to give their immune system a small boost when they feel better.   
  4. Gatorade – hide a couple bottles of this or your favorite electrolyte drink in the back of the cabinet.  When the stomach illnesses hit, keep them hydrated in a pinch.   If they don’t like the taste use it to make them some quick Popsicle treats.  It also gives you more use out of those fun Popsicle molds you bought this summer.  Or was that just me?  Make sure you keep drinking water and some of your favorite juices stocked up, too.  
  5. Teas – A little cup of hot tea can help relax and soothe them into rest and it makes the throat feel better.
  6. Don’t forget to stock your winter medicine cabinet.    My choices are Dayquil for daytime sniffles, Nyquil for night time sniffles, and Pepto Bismol.   We always have Tylenol around as well.  Every family is different so I'm sure other mama's have their favorites as well.
  7. Ramen noodles and soup for something light to eat that also is a bit of a comfort food.  

What are some things you like to stock up on?  Do you prepare for the cold/flu season? 

Next month I would like to compile some tips for dealing with sick kids, especially during the holidays.   The kids are getting out more and visiting family so it seems like they are always catching a bug.   So many first time parents stress out, worry, or feel like they’ve tried everything and their nerves are frazzled.    Please feel free to leave your favorite tip in the comments and then check back next month to see if your comment has been featured!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Girlfriends and their importance in my life...

What to talk about this month?  I could bore you with pictures of the Cub Scout camp out with my son or the parade that he was in the following weekend but I won't.  You might get sick of seeing the same kid over and over.  LOL!

So I will talk about the importance of girlfriends in your life.  As most of y'all know, I live in a town, Lindale, in East Texas about 15 minutes from Tyler.  I'm also a stay at home mom.  You would think that my life made; I can write all day, read whenever I want and not have to worry about anything.  You would be so wrong.  I barely have time to write with everything that I've got going on.  Between an active 3rd grader, a house to run, blogging/reviewing duties and working for Entangled, I barely have time for myself, much less writing.  When I lived in Gun Barrel City, I can honestly say that I had no friends.  No one to talk to at all.  I worked in another town and GBC was so closed minded about outsiders that after almost 6 years of living there, I cried for joy when we moved to Lindale.  I realized some mistakes I made but then thought to myself, you know, it was their loss that they didn't accept me.  Not the other way around.

Here's where girlfriends and their importance comes in...I need them like I need to breath.  Now, I know you are probably thinking to yourself, surely you have friends in Lindale.  Yes and no.  Its tough when you are at least 10 years older (I'm 46) and everyone that you know still works outside the home.  I fit somewhere in the middle and I'm still trying to find that middle ground.  I had such a great time getting to know the moms in Brian's Cub Scout den while camping.  Nothing brings you closer than sweating, getting rained on, eating bad food and trying to contain a bunch of 8 yr olds on a camp out.  LOL!  Trust me on this.
I live for Mondays when the den meets.  While the boys are doing their thing, the moms and I can actually talk about things.  And guess what...its not about books, blogging, reviewing or being online.  Yes, they know what I do and have no problems with it.  Woot!  What we talk about is life in general.  Our kids, husbands, the price of gas, school, whatever suits us.  I know that sounds quaint to some people but I need the break from being online, etc. and on Mondays I can.  Its nice to know that even though I'm an older mom, I still have the same concerns, questions and attitudes that other moms have and we can actually talk about them and even have a laugh or two.

Now, before you get all pouty and think that I don't love my online friends, you would be wrong.  I love them with all my heart and always will.  I need that physical connection with people since I don't work in a cube anymore.  I need to know that I can still be in social situations and not make a fool out of myself, hold an intelligent conversation and in truth, be valued.  Yes, valued as a mom...not a writer/blogger/reviewer.  Remember, I stay at home most days.  In fact, the only time I leave the house is to take and/or pick up Brian from school so Mondays are golden to me.  I can be a mom, a friend, a listener and leave my alter ego (Harlie) at home.

After living in Lindale for over a year, I'm still trying to find my groove but at least the friends that I have made here accept for who and what I am.  They are friendly, open and it feels good to share a laugh or two when standing in the latrine line on a chilly Sunday morning.  Yes, true story within the camp out that maybe one day, I'll bore you with.  LOL!

Until next month...Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Benefits of Exercise and Healthy Eating

Looking at myself now and then looking at pictures of when I was slim motivates me even more to figure out a way to win the war against gaining yet another pound.  Before I had my son I weighed in at 115 lbs and considered myself then to be too skinny.  I needed that extra meat to fit into those tight fitting jeans and boots I wanted so bad but wouldn’t buy because simply put they didn’t fit quite right.  
The jeans were loose around the waistline or baggy around the thigh and calf area and the boots just hung off me like a bell; wasn’t pretty or sexy at all, so when I gained the bit of weight after having my son I was happy with it, I just wasn’t happy with the bulge I can’t seem to tone anymore or the arms that started to look like a slab of beef so I only wore long sleeve shirts or shirts long enough to cover both. 

You may think of me as being vain but I am far from it.  I just like to feel good about myself and if looking good and being happy with my body does that why not learn to focus on the things one can do to better themselves.  I have a herniated disk in my neck so that makes it difficult for me to exercise as often as I’d like but I can take long walks and eat better so I now do that a lot.  

A couple of months ago I invested in buying a Nutri Bullet and since then I have not only lost five pounds, but my skin has improved quite a lot, so get less breakouts before my monthly visitor comes along and have plenty of energy.  Before the Nutri Bullet I ate what I wanted and binged on sweets quite often.  I love pastries, cupcakes, cookies and ice cream and don’t let me see anything chocolate because I can’t resist it no matter how much I try.  The one thing I can do however is try and eat them in moderation and only as a treat on occasion of course.  What’s the sense of giving it up entirely right? 

Oh well, back to the purpose of my writing this.  Moderate exercise and healthy eating helps one maintain a sense of balance.  I always passed up on eating breakfast but soon found out that was a big mistake as it is the most important meal of the day and highly recommended by your doctor and physical trainers.  I now have a Nutri Bullet smoothie for breakfast, which contains Spinach, berries, mangos and other fruits, flax seeds and nuts and for lunch I have a salad.  In between snacks consist of Fiber One bars and fruits and then for dinner I have a regular meal or obtain another recipe from my Nutri Bullet handbook.   

Overall, I have seen results and so has everyone else around me so my decision to go this route has helped me immensely and I am very, very proud of myself for making the choice to not only eat healthier but also focus on what’s most important, longevity, as I plan to be around when my son grows up, marries and has children of his own. 

There is so much to look forward to in life so why not ensure you are around long enough to enjoy it. Doesn't hurt to put a plug on the habits that have set you back in life, and it is never too late to attempt something knew if in the long run you will be the one to benefit from it.  Only you can make that conscious decision to eat well and be healthy so why not. I sure did...  

Copyright © 2013 ~ Susan B. Anna

Friday, October 18, 2013

Whoever Coined the Term “Aging Gracefully” Should Be Slapped

I refuse to age gracefully. No, I’m kicking and fighting that sad-making, life-stealing culprit called “old” all the way to the grave. My body will age; there's no getting around that, but I will not allow my mind to follow. The unfairness of it all is enough to make any sane adult scream. By the time you get everything figured out (or accept the fact that you never will), your body decides to stop cooperating!
Seems like just yesterday my thighs, hips, and tummy were toned and fit, and let’s not even talk about the twins. The girls seem to be losing the battle faster than I can run to the store and buy them a support bra. I hear them in melancholy tandem as they whine, “weren’t we beautiful, sister? Soft and plush? We sat high and proud and never had to hear about ‘Magic Lift.’”
Ahem! (they always did like to steal the show). As I was about to say, I’ve devised a plan. Call it armor fit to do battle. Throughout my research, books, online googling, interviews and personal experience, one weapon against aging continually springs forth – power of finding pleasure in life. Sounds like common sense, but think about it; how often do most of us make time to do the things we really enjoy. If I asked you right now, “what are your favorite things,” could you answer me without a long pause? Soul searching? Thinking back to yesteryear? I didn’t think so.
Research shows that stress prematurely grays our hair. Say what?? Yep, it’s true. In fact, not only does it make us gray faster, it predisposes us to weight gain. One of the best weapons against stress, thus gray hair, weight gain, and aging, is joy. We’ll consider that short for enjoyment, pleasure in life. Are you running to make a list of your favorite things yet?

I’ve reached the age where the chances of me living as many more years as I’ve already lived are pretty slim, so “old,” meet your new foe. I will use every resource available to me to enjoy life – to bring joy to the lives of others. No grace here – just determination. I am armed with a list of ten faves, and I will fight, kicking and screaming, all the way to the grave. Let the battle begin! 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

When school gets in the way...

I've thought about homeschooling for a long time--way back to when my nineteen-year-old daughter was a little shy thing (she still is). I thought about it again when my now sixteen-year old daughter was wreaking havoc in the classroom. Now, I am preparing to finally take the plunge.

It isn't that our school system is terrible--we live in a pretty wealthy school district. My daughter had an ipad and an itouch for her use in kindergarten. Lots of computers in the classroom. A phenomenal teacher. A clean school. A decent schedule. Seventeen first graders in her class and a teacher plus an assistant.

So, what's the issue? Partly, it's just me wanting more time with my little one. I see how fast they grow up and go off to college. Is that selfish?

And yes, common core curriculum and the loss of science and art education play into it, too. I want to teach with Legos and Minecraft (yes, there are lesson plans!). I want to spend more time traveling (that means time in travel, not necessarily time-travel, though I'd do that in a heartbeat if I could).

So why am I so scared? I'm afraid I will totally screw up. Is this a reasonable fear? Maybe~

So, I'm spending the rest of this school year preparing to homeschool next year (my sixteen-year-old graduates high school this year, so we'd be completely out of the system). Here in NC, we have a HUGE-MONGOUS homeschool network. There will be playdates and fun, too.

I just need to be brave!

How about you? Have you ever homeschooled, or thought about it? If you've homeschooled before, what was the absolute worst thing about it? (I can see lots of good things...)

have a fab day~
Kerry Vail
w/a Kerry Adrienne


Saturday, October 12, 2013

New Release: Beautiful One

I have a new release this week from Ellora's Cave. The story combines several of my loves: m/m, theater, and ancient history. I had so much fun writing this book--and putting Sophocles into an erotic romance story was pretty awesome for this Classics gal.

I'm not sure why I love m/m erotic romance so much, but I really do. I've got a contemporary m/m series contracted with Ellora's Cave, too. 

Here's more about Beautiful One:

Kallistos, a shy playwright, has been chosen to compete at the Great Dionysia festival in Athens. His plays are strong, but he faces Sophocles, the man who has won almost every contest. Kallistos, the beautiful one, has eschewed intimacy—yet the dark Alexios pierces his armor with philosophies he’s never considered, and he falls hard.

Alexios, a shepherd, aspires to be an actor in Athens. His trip plunges him into a plot of deceit and lies when Sophocles hires him to sabotage his competition. Sophocles promises money and a part on stage—but challenges Alexios’ beliefs and honor.
Though uncomfortable with the lies, Alexios woos Kallistos, finding himself deeply drawn to the man. As the performances near, Alexios must decide which he wants more—his lover, or his lifelong dream of fame and a career. While Kallistos faces issues of trust and forgiveness, and must ponder where life is truly lived—on stage or in reality.

Inside Scoop:  This book contains hot, sexy scenes of M/M interaction in a public bathhouse and in private. Come on in, the water’s fine.
A Romantica® historical gay erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

You can find the book here:

And please stop by my website to see what else I am up to!


Friday, October 11, 2013

Saturday + No Kids = Shooting Range Fun!

Okay so I've never been one to give much thought into owning a gun.  I liked the idea of having a gun around.  I felt safer knowing there was one in the house.  I mean come on I live in the South, it's practically a law to own a gun down here and I'm all about following the law. ;-)

But I never gave much thought into myself owning and operating a gun.  I don't know why I mean I've been around them all my life.  My dad is a retired police officer so he ALWAYS had a gun around whether it be in the house somewhere or on him while we were out grocery shopping.  My mom and step dad always had guns around for whatever reason.  I was in JROTC in high school so I learned how to shoot air rifles and such but again I never gave much thought into having a gun of my own, that was until my hubby brought it up in a conversation one day when he mentioned he would be out of town for a few days.  He said he would feel more comfortable when I was home alone if I had and knew how to operate a gun plus it would be something he and I could do together.  My interest was immediately peaked.

I applied for my gun permit and eight short weeks later I was approved.  We went to my parents who happen to have a huge back yard and decided to let it rip and have some fun.  I was terrified.  I had never in my life shot a handgun.  EVER.  My hands were shaking and my stance was all wrong but hubby and my dad taught me how to stand and how to aim and before I knew it I was having a blast! 

My hubby had already bought me a 22 handgun.  It was HUGE but he assured me there were no worries.  He had already taught me the basics of how to load it, chamber it, and the safety so all that was left was shooting it.  It took a few tries but it came to me pretty quickly.  It became addicting very fast.  The feeling of empowerment was amazing. 

 This was me shooting the 22 handgun.  Yeah, I may have hit the dirt more than the box in this picture but I promise I did better as the day went on.  I even began to hit the circles! HA! ;-)
My hubby shooting his 9mm.
I wasn't going to shoot anything other than my gun but the temptation bugged me so I went ahead and shot the 22 rifle as well and LOVED it!  Hit the middle of the bulls eye my very first shot!  Okay so the little red dot on this gun helps. ;-)
There's hubby shooting it as well. 
I was so happy my dad joined the fun.  It definitely made me less nervous.

I really had a blast learning how to shoot a handgun.  I shot not only my 22 handgun but the 22 rifle, the 9mm, the 45mm, and my dads 38.  I was always scared to death that I would shoot a gun and go flying backwards because lets face it, I'm tiny but it was so awesome.  The 38 had a major kick to it but it was fun trying everything out.

Now hubby and I have a new hobby and I love it.  I can now call myself a gun owner and hubby feels a little better leaving me home alone and to be honest I feel a little bit better myself. 

 I know there's a lot of controversy lately with gun control and I don't want to get into all of that but I would like to say that it takes an extreme amount of responsibility to own a gun and I know my husband and I are extremely safe with ours especially having children in the house, which was why we bought the gun safe with a pass code that only he and I know.  I am on the side of safety. 

With that being said I am so glad I went ahead and got my gun permit and can't wait until the next time hubby and I can go the shooting range and have some more fun.

Thanks for following along everyone!
Jinni J

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

LIBERTY ANN by Marie, the Always Fabulous Feline

Long time, no write, right?  This is Marie, Liberty Ann's fabulous cat.  I have decided that it was time for me to take matters into my own paws and give you an update on life at our house.

Liberty Ann is fine.  Well, she could be better if she would stop typing on this computer and pet me more but I digress...

She is fine, however, she was much too busy holding her aching head (something crazy called Disabling Migraines) to be able to post the last couple of months and bring you up to date.  Sadly, for me, those have passed and she is off those medicines that make her stay in a nice, quiet, dark room where she can snuggle with me all day long. ;)

She has done something that I am quite miffed about too.  She has a new D.O.G.  Blech!  His name is Colby, he is about 3 years old and he is some sort of Black Lab mix, whatever that is.  All I know is he is huge, he chases me when I run, he cuts in on my time with the humans and he has Dog Breath.  I get him back though...I drink his water. *snicker*

As for the rest of the family, the little humans are fine.  They all went back to school so Liberty Ann and I had a party.  They are gone a-l-l day long and then are busy becoming Stealth Ninja's by night.  The Man Human is fine.  He still plays with computers for something called PepsiCo and still doesn't like me... so I lay on his side of the bed. *smirk*

Liberty Ann tells me she has some exciting things coming down the line as an author.  November 11th she will be featured as the Aspiring Author du Jour on .  She seems excited.  Me?  Big whoop.  She also is excited about something going on in late October and November called the .  Personally I think she is crazy.  Then there is that anthology The Romance Troupe is publishing for Valentines Day.  All I know is she spends lots of time on that computer instead of petting me, the terrifical cat.

Oh and guess what else!  She tells me that the whole family is leaving me to go on a Disney Cruise for her birthday and 20th Anniversary.  Hmph.  I suppose she will want to tell you all about it next month!

She tells me she is in search of a virtual part-time job but I think it is just another way to neglect me, the fantabulous cat.

Did I mention how wonderful I am?


Until I take matters into my own paws again,

The Always Fabulous Feline

Oh yeah...come see her at anytime.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

How Can I Write What I Write and Own It So Easily?

I’ve been asked this question A LOT lately so I decided to write down my answer.

First off, for those of you who don’t know, I write BDSM. Some bondage on the surface kind of sexy stuff and a lot of hard core serious bondage, to the tune of, I had to invent a few things for Together in Cyn because things got pretty wild and crazy there at the end.

I write for Ellora’s Cave and the series I’m contracted to write is called Members Only. All of them revolve around a BDSM club called The Library.
When I wrote TIC I wrote it for the masses (in my mind these are the people that like kink a bit, and a very nice *cough* ménage *cough*) and this was NOT TRUE TO THE STORY AT ALL, nor was it true to me and what I wanted it to be.

Thank heavens my editor knew I was holding back, and during edits we talked about me re-writing several key scenes and adding a couple so the book was the book it needed to be. What I wanted it to be.
I am EXTREMELY glad I did. It tells the story of 3 people so beautiful together it warms me to think of them. I know they’re just characters, but they lived in my head for a long time before other people got to meet them. And they were my first, that means a lot. *grins*

The whole story is about kink. Finding it. Owning it.
Growing into the person you’re meant to be because of it. It’s got voyeurism, exhibitionism, same sex scenes that are FF and MM, punishment, anal. 
Umm, yeah, pretty much a little bit of everything. It’s really kinky, cause well, I’m really kinky.
One of those, I’m not only the owner I’m also a client, kind of involved. :)

So when I put the real TIC out there, and it was going to be published I knew there was going to be some backlash because of the content. 
Not everyone gets why it's sexy to be tied up and flogged, or whipped, or humiliated. But some people do, and to me, life is too short to water down something I'm REALLY passionate about for the people that don't get it.
I'm a firm believer in, if you don't like it, don't read it. I've got some serious disclaimers on my book no matter where you get it from and I wear them like a badge of honor.

I have no problems at all owning what I write, what I LOVE to write. It's sexy, intimate, and extremely intense. What more could romance ask for?

I also like being on the edges. You can see a lot more of the world from there...

Members Only, Book One

She knows it’s wrong. Cyn shouldn’t have feelings for fraternal twins Jared and Chris, her best friends. She shouldn’t want them to tie her up or strap her down, to take her one at a time—or together. The only way to control her taboo desires is to write them down and lock them away in her diary. Guys like Jared and Chris could never be interested in someone like her, or in the kind of sex she craves.

But Jared and Chris have read her diary, and sweet little Cyn is in for the shock of her life. The brothers not only own a members-only BDSM club, they want her. Need her. And now, with their unlimited funds and an entire establishment devoted to fulfilling her darkest pleasures, they’re going to claim Cyn for their own.

Inside Scoop: If you have a kink, this book probably has it too. If you like your ménage romances extra hot with a side of male-male romance, spanking, voyeurism and girl-on-girl action, come and get it.

A Romantica® BDSM erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

 Buy Links below and others on the TIC webpage along with an Excerpt and Video

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Jennifer Kacey is a wife, mother, and business owner living with her family in Texas. She sings in the shower, plays piano in her dreams, and has to have a different color of nail polish every week. The best advice she’s ever been given? Find the real you and never settle for anything less.
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